Training for children in Addition & subtraction of numbers upto 99
Training Session
  • Colouring   (concentration


  • Speed Writing
  • Dictations
  • Excercises
  • Course Duration:12 Months

    (Level 1 to 8)

    Training session is completely different
  • Increases the concentration
  • Increase Memory Grasping power
  • Session of each level consist of 3 books (A,B,C)
  • Speed Writing
  • Dictations
  • Training with Abacus
  • Visualisation with Hands
  • Course Duration
  • Level1 : 4 months
  • Level2-8: 3 months each

    “A gift given to this world by the ancient sages of India." A system which is far more simple and enjoyable than modern mathematics. Research shows that the application of Vedic maths makes use of both parts of the brain. It is an ancient technique, which simplifies multiplication, divisibility, complex numbers, squaring, cubing, square,cube roots and auxiliary fractions can be handled by Vedic maths.


    Promoting a series of exercise to our brain to improve academic performances.

    The 26 brain train activities are claimed to improve
  • Eye teaming
  • Spatial skills
  • Listening skills
  • Hand-Eye coordination
  • Body flexibility
  • Improve in learning
  • Recalling information